The Mathematical center offers graduate training in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Regardless of her chosen area, every graduate student is required to select an academic advisor and to show proficiency in the material covered in the following: MATH660, MATH661, MATH650, MATH652, MATH621, MATH622,


MATH-660 Graduate Algebra I
MATH-661Graduate Algebra II
MATH-650 Graduate Analysis I
MATH-652 Graduate Analysis II
MATH-621 Topology I
MATH-622 Topology II

Qualifying Exams

Every student who wishes to enter the PHD program should pass two qualifying examinations. The first exam covers the content of the courses listed above and may be taken at most twice. The second exam covers material pertaining to the student’s chosen area of research. The result of the second exam is to be validated by the student’s advisor after consulting with a special exam committee. The advisor will have the final word on whether or not a student should continue as a research student.


French and English will be used for lectures and other activities. However, a large number of advanced and specialized graduate courses will be taught in English. This is due to the fact that most of the available resources for advanced mathematical research exist only in English and most journals tend to require that submitted papers be written in English also. Furthermore, ISTEAH-CRM sees itself as a regional center and is positioned to receive long-term guests, researchers, instructors, and students who will not necessarily be French speakers. To accommodate these collaborators and to maximize their potential number it is imperative to create an environment where the de facto language of mathematical research is given priority. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the English language so that they can follow such lectures and consult appropriate sources. ISTEAH, to the extent possible, will provide special English preparatory courses and paid tutors. Competence in reading German would also be desirable for those interested in Pure Mathematics.


A graduate course is worth three semester credit hours, unless otherwise stated. ( 3 hours a week for 15 weeks)


Language requirements

PhD candidates in Pure Mathematics are required to show proficiency in either German or Russian by taking a written exam in one of the two. The written exam may involve translating all or portions of a German or Russian mathematical paper into either French or English.


The PhD degree will be approved once part of the thesis has been published in a well-regarded international journal.